Reforms should
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Our mission
Goals and values.
Centre for Policies and Reforms is an independent platform whose mission is to improve public policies and promote structural reforms in Moldova, in line with European principles, and for the benefit of the entire society.

In our work we intend to bring a critical and constructive approach to the actions and inactions of state institutions and contribute to developing and advocating a proper policy framework which will bring tangible change to the people.

CPR Moldova is an apolitical, non-partisan and non-commercial organisation. In our work we will seek to affirm values that we hold as essential: independent justice, open economy, human rights, equality and non-discrimination, transparency, responsibility and accountability of the government to the governed.
Our interventions on various topics
CPR in the media
"The modification to the electoral system is seen by many to be in the interest of a select number of oligarchs, not the citizens of Moldova. The change could strike a direct blow to democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and the press, the fight against corruption and the investigation of financial crimes."
"It has been exactly eight years since the events of 7 April 2009. Back then the young generation, hopeful of the future, took to the streets to speak up about their disagreement with the old system. Yet, as they say, what you ran away from, you could not avoid. Today we will discuss about what we, the generation of the 2000s, could not avoid and how we see today those events with our guests: Stefan Gligor, Programme Director of the Centre for Policies and Reforms and Mihail Sirkeli, director of Piligrim-Demo."
"Advancing democratic norms and human rights should be treated as prerequisites for any meaningful discussion about the European future of Moldova or Ukraine. These prerequisites must stand at the foundation of the relationship between the European Union and these countries, with the governments proving every day how they adhere to these standards. Moldova needs funding in order to survive, but any financial support labeled "unconditional," or with sufficient space for selective implementation of reforms, will come at a high price for democracy and European values. The European Council, European Parliament, and European Commission should monitor the efforts and assess the overall progress made by a government at every stage."
"'Our electoral system has many problems, but this is not the issue to be addressed... We have many misunderstandings about the electoral constituencies, political party funding, media independence, which is absolutely politicized. We have a lot of problems that will worsen because of this electoral reform.' concludes Dumitru Alaiba, Programme Director of the Centre for Policies and Reforms in Chisinau."
"Experts of the Centre for Policies and Reforms have petitioned the Speaker of the Parliament, Andrian Candu, to withdraw the draft law on the fiscal amnesty, approved in first reading at the end of 2016. The bill, adopted without public consultations, has also been criticized by the representatives of IMF and World Bank..."
"The Centre for Policies and Reforms has sent the representatives of diplomatic missions to Moldova an opinion on the amendment of the electoral system in Moldova. The Centre notes that the Democratic Party of Moldova [...] seeks to obtain a simple majority in the Parliament of Moldova, appoint a majority Government, legitimize and maintain its political and financial control of the country."
"The Centre for Policies and Reforms (CPR Moldova) addressed the Moldovan President Igor Dodon asking for details about his involvement in the privatization of the 'Codru' hotel in 2008, when Dodon was the Minister of Economy, considering that the privatization lacked transparency and has led to a state prejudice of 16 million Euros."
Our projects
CRP Watch

Project objectives: online platform to hold the Government accountable for its commitments, monitor the progress and assess the quality of reforms, while educating the public about the benefits of true reform.
Duration of the project: March 2018 – September 2018

Financial support: Black Sea Trust Fund for Regional Cooperation

Project budget: 24.900 USD
Issue-Based Advocacy for Effective Implementation of Business Climate Reforms

Project objectives: engaging entrepreneurs and business associations in their joint efforts to increase public accountability, preventing corruption in the economy by raising awareness about concrete issues that damage the investment climate and advocating for their swift resolution.
Duration of the project: February 2017 – February 2018

Financial support: European Endowment for Democracy

Project budget: 65.000 EUR
Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection in Moldova: Striking a Balance

Project objectives: promoting proper protection of the right to privacy and preventing the misuse of privacy protection guarantees against the public interest, so as to safeguard the freedom of the press, access to information, transparency of decision making, accountability for corruption in Moldova.
Duration of the project: June 2017 – March 2018

Financial support: Government of Finland

Project budget: 42.650 EUR
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